In 2013 I opened Pcakes and my world turned upside down.

This work is a creative pleasure and it has opened many doors for me. It took me a long time to find and develop my style of decorating. Now I know that I love creative cakes, that quietly tell a story. In love with minimalism, modern structure, flowers and natural elements. Combine this together and you get me.

In this line of work I met a lot of talented individuals and made good friends.

Every positive word from you, makes my day and keeps me going. Every mistake brings new knowledge.

I am still searching a good balance between work and me. I am getting better at this.

I wish that I could create just from myself and that I could listen my heart everyday. This is the best recipe for success.

You share your story with me, and I will share some FUN FACTS about me.

  • If there were no Pcakes, I would love to be a photographer or a florist. Or a paid traveller.

  • 100% cat lover.

  • I work for travel.

  • I love picnics in nature.

  • Cashew nuts and avocado forever!

  • I my “free” time I help my husband with his snowboards.

  • If I could live anywhere, i would live in a van or a cabin in the forest.

  • Sleeping in nature calms me down.

  • Winter enthusiast, I also cry when I go to the seaside.

Thank you for being here with me and writing my story.


MODAY - FRIDAY: od 8.00-17.00h

040 342 371

Petra Sodja s.p., Torte in slaščice po naročilu
Blejska Dobrava 63c
4273 Blejska Dobrava

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